The Crossbow Killer

The Crossbow Killer

My initial UCAS application for university was to study Law and Criminology at Cardiff. Confused as to which path/career to pursue, after the inevitable fading of the Footballer or Golfer dream, it was the ‘Criminology’ aspect of the course that intrigued me.

Fortunately I guess, I wasn’t accepted onto the course, and that’s when I looked at other options – Optometry being the one I finally fell into.

Regardless, programmes and documentaries relating to crime seem to have always interested me, and none more so than the recent podcast ‘The Crossbow Killer’ (find it on BBC sounds).

A 6-part podcast, it details the brutal murder of a retired lecturer outside his remote home off the coast of Holyhead, Anglesey in 2019.

A deep-dive into potential motives, the characters involved, and emotional interviews made me binge-listen to the whole series.

The series is not only close to home for me geographically, but the editor Meic Parry, and poet of the show Rhys Iorwerth (who also won the coveted Crown at this year’s National Eisteddfod) are both former school friends of mine.

If it interests you, you can listen on the BBC Sounds app.

The Crossbow Killer