Introducing Blackfin


As I may have mentioned in previous emails, we headed down to London earlier this year with the mission of bolstering the frame ranges we have to offer you – keeping the choice fresh and exciting, but also adhering to the ethos of best quality. Throughout the year we will introduce at least 2, maybe 3, new collections. Heading the pack, is our recently added BLACKFIN range. This will be our go-to premium, flagship range – our Paul Mullin of glasses brands!

The spiel below is taken from our website, and was written by Rachel – I do feel it portrays the ethos and passion that goes into the Blackfin brand:

“Every frame is meticulously crafted in their sustainable ‘Black Shelter’ factory nestled in the
Dolomites, Italy. The brand seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with traditional artisanal techniques, resulting in eyewear that exudes sophistication and elegance. Prioritising quality materials and timeless aesthetics, from lightweight titanium frames to intricate detailing, Blackfin Eyewear achieves a perfect harmony of form and function.

By choosing Blackfin, you’re not just treating yourself to opulence, you’re making a conscious contribution to responsible and eco-conscious luxury. Blackfin is the perfect option when you not only want to look good but also feel good about the choices you make.”

If you value quality and comfort, and you wear glasses all the time, then Blackfin genuinely offers something different.

Blackfin Offer

So why consider Blackfin:

  • Frames made from super-lightweight Japanese titanium (strongest material)
  • Great colours, have a truly unique frame that suits your face and personality
  • Sustainable – Blackin’s factory in North Italy is ‘off grid’ with its energy completely powered by Solar and Hydro.

PS your £50 discount voucher is ONLY AVAILABLE BETWEEN JUNE 21ST AND JULY 5TH.