Day You Were Born

Day You Were Born

On the topic of sight-loss, none of us really know how much our psychological well-being would be affected by a condition such as Macular Degeneration. Although I deal with, and see the effects of sight loss on a regular basis, I am just as guilty as the next person of taking my sight for granted, and amidst a busy life, not appreciating it.

A great example of someone with a ‘can-do’ attitude, despite the effects of Macular Degeneration, is one of our patients John Povey. Despite his deteriorating sight, he has managed to build and grow his website,

If, like me, you struggle to think of an original gift idea, this could be what you’re after. There are gift options including laminated charts, gift card charts, and more luxurious folder charts – all with interesting facts from your birth date.

I’ve ordered the ‘digital download’ version and found it fascinating. Here are some facts of my
chart, born 19.10.1981:

  • PM: Margaret Thatcher, President: Ronald Reagan
  • My Virtues are Fair-Minded, Excellence, Moderate and Considerate (there are a few that might disagree with this!!)
  • A quiet news day, with the Queen requesting more privacy from the press (nothing’s changed there!)
  • In Sport, John McEnroe won Wimbledon, Tom Watson the Golf British Open, and Steve Davis world Snooker champion
  • Good old days of 71p pint of beer, a 3-bed house for £30k, and your £1 was worth close to $2 American Dollars

As I get older I somehow find that reminiscing about days gone by is a source of real enjoyment, so in this fast-changing technological world, a glimpse back to one’s birth date could give a relative or friend great joy!

Da iawn John, you should be very proud of achieving this. I sincerely hope that the website continues to grow, and that your vision remains stable to enjoy it.

If you would like to explore the website yourself, visit

Day You Were Born