A1 Eyewear Will Be No More!

Yellow Pages

A1 Eyewear was formed in 1986 by Mr Gleave, and was then run by Clare Hodkinson from 2001 to 2018.

So, after trading over 25 years, I am taking the bold move of a name change!!

In the 1980’s, using ‘A1’ in your name was a good marketing strategy for getting your business listed first in the Yellow Pages!

Times have changed, and marketing has become a lot more sophisticated, especially with the boom in social media and online advertising etc. Although I still value old-school printed media (hence posting this to you!)The Yellow Pages is no more, and with it goes the clever use of ‘A1’.

Over the 4 year since I have been here, I sense that what our patients value the most is the personal touch, friendly service, and high quality eyewear that make you look good and feel good. I don’t feel that the name/brand ‘A1 Eyewear’ fully captures this.

So, with date yet to be confirmed (likely to be during 2023) the proposed new name will be Charles St Styling Opticians, translated to Optegwyr St Charles.

I will update you with the new branding and logo as we get closer to the revamp.

This name is not yet set in stone, so if you have any suggestions (or feel strongly that A1 Eyewear should remain!) feel free to discuss with myself, Rachel, or Jo.

I for one am excited about the change, and how we will continue to evolve over the coming years.

Yellow Pages